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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Practice for the Easter production at church.

My husband and I have been asked to participate in the Easter production at our church.  Now, being that I have terrible stage fright, I am apprehensive about how well I will perform.  The entire production is about crossroads that christians face at various times in their lives such as gossiping, being faithful, and a few others.  Our part in this is...  cheating, like cheating on your spouse.  My husband is married (not to me) and away on business.  I am apparently a lonely, maybe even sleazy, marriage wrecking, um, woman.  Okay...  nobody actually said that in so many words...  but I know what they meant.  So, the scene is this:  He is talking on the phone to his wife telling her he misses her, can't wait to get home (while sitting in a club of sorts) and I walk in.  We make eye contact and I proceed to be flirty.  He tells his wife he has to get off of the phone and I close in to seal the deal.  I AM NERVOUS.  I don't know if I can get through it with a straight face.  I really hope they get this on video so I can share it with you.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Our Anniversary

   Yesterday marked 5 years that I have spent with my incredible husband.  We are a classic case of lost-contact-ages-ago-and-reconnected-through-classmates story.  I found him after a few exhausting years of internet searches and calling phone numbers matching his name.  I had given up.  I was DONE.  Then one morning as I sat at my computer I randomly thought.... "I should look just one last time".  So, I did and low and behold, there he was.  I was pretty certain it was him.  It was the right high school and the right graduation year.  So, I shot him an email through classmates just to confirm.  I think I heard back from him the day after...  maybe even later that day.  I have slept and had two more children since then so my memory is a tad fuzzy.  It was in fact... HIM.  Like you didn't know that already.
   We talked and emailed for a while, never laying eyes on each other in that time except in photos.  I think you could probably just go ahead and consider that the dating phase because I am here to tell you, once we did see each other again, we were married within 2 and a months.  We were not living in the same state so dating really was out of the question.  He asked me to marry him on Valentines Day (while visiting at my house) and we married on March 19, 2005.
   It has been an incredible 5 years.  We have 2 beautiful children together.  We have been through moves and retirement, heart break and happiness, loss and gain.  We have gotten to know each other and I can honestly say, I love him more now than I did when we married.  I trust him with all of my being.  That is most important.  I have a trust issue.  But, not with him.  Thank you, Jesus.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

So who am I anyway?

I figure that I may as well go ahead introduce myself.  Here are 100 facts about me!!

1.  My name is Diane...  and I go by Diane and mom, mommy, momma.
2.  My sister calls me DJ.
3.  My husband calls lots of (sweet) names, but rarely Diane.
4.  I have 5 children.
5.  I never planned to have 5 children.
6.  I sure am glad I did though.
7.  At least 2 of them have broken my heart beyond measure.
8.  I love them regardless... and they love me.
9.  My 11 year old looks NOTHING like me, but she sure does act like me.
10.  3 of my children strongly resemble me.
11.  I was born in Florida.
12.  I don't live there anymore but I wish I did.
13.  My 3 boys were born in Florida.
14.  My daughters were not.
15.  I have never lived anywhere for more than 4 years in my life.
16.  We have been at our current residence for 3 years.
17.  We may or may not move.
18.  I don't like crowds.
19.  I am shy when I first meet people.
20.  Sometimes people take it as though I am not very friendly.
21.  That may or may not be true (lol).
22.  I tend to be sarcastic in real life...  but I am shy about being sarcastic when I write.
23.  I am a blog stalker and a few of them have really captured my heart.
24.  I never thought I would blog...  because I am pretty boring.
25.  I tend to take everything to heart and my feelings get hurt easily.
26.  I hate that about myself.  I wish I had a thicker skin.
27.  I cry way too much.
28.  I drink way too much coffee.
29.  I am having trouble with this list.
30.  Tomorrow is my 5th year anniversary.
31.  My older 3 children are mine, the younger 2 are ours.
32.  I struggled in the past with relationships.
33.  I am married to Mr. Right, no doubt about it.
34.  We have known each other since we were kids.
35.  We hooked up again on classmates.
36.  We talked for 3 years before we saw each other again.
37.  Our story was featured for a while on classmates.
38.  We have moved 3 times in the past 5 years (different states).
39.  I am a neat freak.
40.  I have not always been that way.
41.  I stress myself out over cleaning... especially if we have company coming.
42.  I stress quite a bit.
43.  I need to work on that.
44.  I went to school to be an LPN.
45.  I only worked as an LPN for 8 months...  I haven't worked in 5 years.
46.  Nursing is hard work and I admire nurses.
47.  I didn't stop nursing because of the work.
48.  I married, moved and started planning for more children.
49.  I still don't know what I want to be when it is time for me to return to work.
50.  I have some time to think about it.
51.  I am afraid of heights.
52.  So, window washing is out of the question.
53.  I have grown tremendously as a person in the last 7 years.
54.  It started with college and continued with marrying my perfect compliment.
55.  I encourage my children to go to college.
56.  I pray they have happy, healthy lives.
57.  Speaking of praying, I am a faithful soul.
58.  I admit that I am not as far along in my relationship with Jesus as I would like.
59.  That doesn't mean that I am not working on it.
60.  I believe in prayer, I believe in Jesus, I believe that I am on the right path.
61.  I didn't grow up going to church so I have some catching up to do.
62.  I would love to learn how to sew.
63.  I crochet a little.
64.  Maybe I will make this blog about my adventure in learning how to sew.
65.  I'm not much of an animal person.
66.  I think they are adorable and I love to "visit".
67.  I guess I am just not much of a pet owner.
68.  If I had to choose between a dog or a cat...  it would be a cat hands down.
69.  I did have a dog that I LOVED (a mini greyhound)
70.  We couldn't get her house trained and unfortunately had to let her go.  I still miss her.
71.  I love to shop.  It really is therapy.  I don't even have to buy anything.
72.  I love a good bargain.  I try not to pay full price if I don't have to.
73.  Coupons are not my thing though...  I forget to use them.
74.  I still clip them.  How weird is that?
75.  I'm not terribly weird though.
76.  I am a fairly private person so I am thinking that writing on a blog is going to be difficult for me.
75.  My husband is my best friend.
76.  I am really hoping I get a bike this summer with a kiddie ride-along-thingamajigger.
77.  I need to lose a little weight.
78.  Exercise is not my thing though.
79.  I am glad that my child bearing days are over.  I love the thought of having more children but I think 5 is enough.
80.  I would be a surrogate if I could, but I think 3 c-sections rules me out.
81.  I would be so honored to be able to give that great of a gift though.
82.  I love Kate Gosselin.  I don't care what anyone else thinks.
83.  I would show my belly on TV too if I thought someone would offer to give me a tummy tuck too.
84.  I don't think that is why she did it, but I would if it had the same effect.
85.  Billy Joel is my all time favorite singer.
86.  Norah Jones is in 2nd place.
87.  My favorite food is shrimp.  I do not like cocktail sauce.  Tartar sauce for this girl, please.
88.  I do not like bologna.
89.  My husband is a better cook than I am.  I wish he would cook every night.
90.  I am not a cold weather person.
91.  I would rather stay inside than go out in the snow.  My husband has come home from work early to take the babies out to play in it.
92.  I complain about it far too much.
93.  Despite my dislike of the cold and snow, I dream about visiting Rockefeller Center at Christmas time and ice skating.
94.  I am an advisor for Lia Sophia jewelry and I LOVE it.  I love the jewelry.  I don't wear much jewelry on a regular basis though.
95.  You can check out my website here too.
96.  I go to bed entirely too late.  It is my quiet time.
97.  I love to sleep in with my family, but it doesn't happen often because my 3yo is an early bird.
98.  I am praying for time to slow down a bit because it is killing me that my baby is getting big so fast.
99.  I am almost done with this list!!
100.  If you have made it to the bottom, I hope you feel like you know me a little better.  Thank you for reading this!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patricks Day

Happy Saint Patricks Day to all.  I dressed all of the 3 smaller kids (11, 3 and 2) in green tops today.  The baby even got to wear green panties until she fell asleep in her car seat and... well, she is only 2.  So, I will be cleaning the car seat in a few minutes.

Monday, March 15, 2010

My first ever blog post! EVER.

OOOOOOOhhhh boy! A new blog! What to write about, what to write about. I am going to have to think about this some more. I am so danged excited about blogging... the Lord knows I will just be talking to myself anyway... oh well, I am used to that already. I mean, I do live with kids and all. So, there it is, my first blog post EVER.

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