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Monday, April 26, 2010

Update on the blood work

I am convinced that if I gave blood every week, they would come to a different conclusion.  So, as it turns out, (and as I thought) I am not hypoglycemic.  I do apparently have low potassium though.  She says "Take a multi-vitamin".  I say "I told you when I was there that I was having trouble with vitamins because they were making me nauseous" (I think I am not absorbing them).  She says "Take the childrens chewables".  Okay...  that is what she told me when I was there, and I did.  That was before the blood work.  So, I must not be absorbing those either.  Dude!  I am going to go broke trying out different vitamins.  Maybe getting this gallbladder out will fix some of these problems.


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