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Friday, April 9, 2010

Birthday wishes to my firstborn daughter

Twelve years ago today I woke up in the hospital in anticipation of meeting my third child.  I had been in the hospital since the night before in preparation for an induced labor.  It was a Thursday with Good Friday following the next day (I brought her home the day before Easter, I believe).  The induction went as planned and my labor with her would prove to be my shortest.  About 8 hours after induction, I gave birth to her, my firstborn baby girl.  I only had to push about two or three times and she arrived in all of her glory.  A dark haired, dark eyed little bundle of sweetness.  A few hours after she was born they allowed her and I to get into the tub together.  That is something that I had not experienced with the only other child I had by vaginal birth (my 1st, 4th and 5th children were c-sections).  It was so sweet.  A time I will never forget.

So, fast forward twelve years and she is now about to wrap up her 6th grade year.  She has been on the honor roll all year and we got to attend our first ever honors breakfast with her.  It was a real tear jerker for me.  I just think about how bright her future is and how I know that no matter what she becomes in this life, I will always be proud.  I know she will be smarter than I ever was, heck, she already is.  Now if only we could fully engage the common sense factor.  I suppose it is just the age.

An Ode to Emily

Emily, Emily you are so sweet
But I really don't like the smell of your feet
You make me laugh, you make me cry
I smell your feet as you walk by
You really are a sweet, sweet girl
But the smell of your feet makes me want to hurl
I buy you soap and sweet smelling lotions
But maybe your feet need a strong witches potion
Maybe you will grow out of it, but maybe you won't
Maybe you need some Dr. Scholls insoles
No matter the problem, I do love you so
My baby girl I love to watch grow
You make life worth living and I am glad you arrived
Although I am surprised we have survived
Twelve years of feet smelling
My tears forever welling
Now go wash your feet
It's time to celebrate!

Okay, okay!  Enough picking on Emily.  She really does have smelly feet though.  I wouldn't just make that up!

Tomorrow we will be having her birthday party.  It will be far less lavish than she would like but I am sure she will have a good time.  I will post pictures.

For today though, here are some pictures from her birthday twelve years ago (and one from her 5th day).


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