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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm here! I really am still here

Been busy.  So, a recap of the last week or so....

*My honey bought a pair of Sketchers shape ups for me and I LOVE THEM.  Free plug for Sketchers.  I told Craig that if nothing else, I am going to have some really awesome calves.  They really do make a difference when we walk the streets of our neighborhood. (Really wish we had sidewalks though.)  I recommend them to anyone considering getting a pair.  Walking is really about all of the exercise that I can manage to get in so I want to maximize my "workout".  lol

*I did the fasting blood sugar to check on the hypoglycemia...  waited all day the next day for a call (Friday, of course) and SOMEHOW missed it.  I realized I had a message about 20 minutes after the office closed.  I am pretty anxious to know the results so I will let you all know tomorrow.  The doc said my numbers for the Thyroid test were good.  I am not convinced.  I am going to talk to her again at a later date and ask her to test it one more time.

*I am going to have my gallbladder taken out on Thursday.  It has been bothering me since Thanksgiving.  It is time for it to go.  I am scared.  I have never been "put under" and that is a little scary.  Then... I am scared that I will be in that small percentage of people that have issues after such a  surgery. When I am feeling good, I think about canceling the appointment.  When I am feeling bad, I wish they took it out yesterday.  So, if you are the praying type, just pray that I am one of the ones that have no problems afterwards.  Thank you in advance.  My dad is going to come up here to take care of me.  Love you, Dad.  You are the best.

*I forgot to post my toddlerisms...  I will though.

*I got the sweetest call from my 16 year old son yesterday.  He made me cry my eyes out.  I will share more about that at a later date.  It really made my day, week, year, LIFE.  I see hope for him yet.  Thank you, Jesus.  I was almost feeling like my prayers weren't being heard.  I should know better though, he has never let me down before.

*Had an awesome Lia Sophia party last week.  I LOVE having the parties.  I LOVE the jewelry.

*Going to a new hair stylist on Tuesday.  I am so super picky about my hair.   It is SO HARD for me to find someone I trust.  The last girl that Emily and I would go see moved to Texas (her husband is in the Army) and we were so super sad to see her go.  She is a fantastic hair stylist and we are going to miss her very much.  The last time (before Army wife) that I truly trusted someone to cut my hair was 5 years ago when both my SIL and I lived in Florida.  I have to say though, not having someone to cut my hair for that long made the decision to let my hair grow out very easy. So, I have been eyeing a salon here near my house for, oh, the last 3 years so I finally stopped in and made an appointment.  I really hope she does a good job.  I don't want to cry over bad hair cuts anymore.

That is really about it, I suppose.

*Oh, wait..  Keurig is awesome.  I am just full of free plugs tonight.  Craig had bought one last year (I believe it was for my birthday) and recently it had begun to only make a half cup of coffee.  Very annoying I tell you.  So, we called and they sent us a new one!!!  Awesomeness.  I love my coffee maker.  It makes my mornings a little happier.  Thank you, Keurig.  Love you bunches.

Okay, that is it.  Goodnight.


Blogger Photos by: Jenniffer Eckert said...

RE: your gallbladder - I will be praying for you! I would also like to reassure you that, although there are risks, I have been put under 4-5 times and have never, ever, had any problems. As a matter of fact, it's the best sleep I've ever gotten! lol Expect a dry mouth and grogginess when you wake up. I'm sure you'll be fine, but prayers are always helpful :)

Re: Thyroid - did they test your t-free3 and t-free4 seperately? If they didn't they should. The overall number may be normal, but if those other two numbers are off, they could balance out that overall number. You may want to check on that. Also, my numbers are low and they say I'm taking too much medicine for my numbers, but I refuse to be treated for the numbers, treat me for my symptoms! :)

Prayers going out to you girl!

April 26, 2010 at 8:09 AM  
Blogger Just Diane said...

I could really use some good sleep. I don't even remember what it feels like to wake up feeling rested anymore!
I am so unsure of how to reapproach the subject with my doc about my thyroid. I have done a ton of research about it and I really think she is still using an old, outdated method for the measurement for tsh. She did not test for anything other than that though. I think when I am recovered from the gallbladder surgery I am going to go talk to her again. Did you have to make a big stink with your Doc or were they just willing to test again?
Thanks for your prayers, sister. I really do appreciate it.

April 26, 2010 at 8:37 AM  

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